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Home Country ? Bitter Sweet reality check of Home Coming

It's amazing how often you feel like a foreigner in your supposed "home country"

What once felt familiar has changed beyond imagined or maybe we have just been eye opened to what had always existed

Current India felt like a shell of what it used to be where were the Indian values

The India I grew up in respected I honored people irrespective of their class, religion or color.

But perhaps it was always biased and belonged more to Hindus

However the hinduvta movement took it too far I mean to alter india's history and openly hold such standards towards one religion felt like being in a hostile environment.

The land that sold to the west as a place of "self-enlightment” had so many lost souls.

Lost to the effects of colonisation they are so far from appreciating their culture and rush towards west with haste.

Everyone loves the minimalist white wedding lehenga without

realising how its white washed version of the wedding gowns

Everyone loves to shit on hindi speaker without realising on

an international level hindi represents as the Indian mother tongue

When a child grows up in India I wonder if his identity is just tied to this

Colonised version of India where we are raising white-washed brown kids

People love a foreign vacation but are ashamed to step in Udaipur which

is literally at power with good world class amenities.

Because India is run by a class system most-people spend a lifetime jumping that bridge. Only to realise it beings emptiness

The shock of witnessing the upper class humiliating the lower class at every occasion. My NRI ass was dumbfounded where is the Empathy?

The privilege gap between both is so much that the new can't begin

To fathom the adversaries of the poor

But what strikes the most is the complete and utter disregard to acknowledge

That no one is doing their part in making it better

It's community where everyone loves to sit and criticise about the problems but lack of acknowledgement that they too are doing their bit to add to it. They love complaining the , roads arent safe for kids but jump red lights on occasions

The ability to stop, reflect or even remotely choose to get better at something is so foreign that I ended up feeling like a true outsider.

That's the paradox of my existence I spent time finding myself because I moved and what I thought were Indian values aren't anymore

But I also don't identify with Australians but I still weirdly feel at home

Maybe because at my core I value freedom to expression all above and that is very Melbourne of me :)

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