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Artsbrownlady's goal is to inspire a change, raise awareness of the South Asian diaspora, raise awareness of colorism concerns in the South Asian community, and stand up to racism in Australia.

Each piece of artwork is deliberately curated with the hope that it will strike a chord in people's hearts and enrich their lives in some manner.

Unapologetic and Empowered

South Asian Women are judged for wearing anything too deep as if the cleavage isn’t ours to show

as if it belongs to the society somehow.

We grow up asking. to cover it always and statements like your "household's respect" lies within the folds on our breast tissues.

It's time we stand up and address this gender policing with the reply



Cultural Dilemmas

Perhaps the best depiction of what being an immigrant feels like part of me is too Indian and part of me isn’t Indian enough.

There's a state of dilemma you constantly live in when a part of you always feels like a misfit no matter wherever you 

Our artwork dwells on those feelings of trying to find a place of belonging while feeling like an outsider in all social situations


Stand upto Taboo


Hoping to remind you all to not let Taboo stand in your "Happiness" way

Children of toxic marriages grow up as confused, anxiety ridden and depressed

They never know what “Safe” feels like ,

They never know what healthy relationships look like

But most of all they might never find “Love” that keeps them safe because they think love is toxic

About time we speak 🆙 !

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