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Artsbrownlady's celebrates women of color for their authentic and unapologetic selves, breaking away from the traditional portrayal of a shy and coy brown woman. Each artwork is thoughtfully curated to resonate with people and enrich their lives. The goal is to make women feel seen and validated for who they are, rather than being confined to stereotypical imposed by society.
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Gallery Displays

Gurvinder has had the opportunity to showcase her artwork in galleries all over Melbourne, this includes being part of JALSA event by City of greater dandenong,

being a part of Bundoora homestead centre's 2022 local artist display (see photo right)


and recently at Royal Children's Melbourne

She takes pride in showcasing her work 

Art Stalls

We have had the opportunity to hold art stalls at various artist and community events,

This includes the women of colour events like Brown boss babes"Women's day empower yourself event,

This is me Melbourne which is an inclusive women's day event celebrating the strength of trauma survivors  and

Women of Colour Melbourne 

This a major milestone for us as our artworks are for the community and the joy it brings to people of colour to see themselves being represented in Artwork in enormous to us

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We are thrilled to share that art has the incredible power to unite people! Our workshops are designed to blend culture and fun, creating an unforgettable experience. Take a look at the amazing hand block printed bags made by South Asian kids and their parents during our workshops. At Artsybrownlady, we are passionate about spreading the joy of art and bringing people together. Check out our website to learn more about our amazing!

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