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Gurvinder Kaur

a melbourne based south-asian artist

Hi, I’m Gurvinder. I'm a Mixed Media Artist who creates a variety of artworks such as drawings, digital artworks, and wall hangings.

With my art, I hope to raise awareness about the complex intersectional links that exist between mental health, cultural norms, and stigma towards LGBTQIA+ people in the South Asian community.


As a trauma survivor, I create Art that voices my lived experience. For me, art is therapy, an outlet of self-expression and my safe haven. I'm a counselling student and currently working as a peer worker, drawing on her own recovery process to help others.


I started @Artsybrownlady on Instagram to connect with others and share positivity, optimism, and sometimes anger about our community. I couldn't find enough relatable content for young South Asian migrant minds, so I decided to create infographics that depicted our complicated day-to-day lives.

Through buying our artwork, you are advancing the vision of empowered South Asian communities.

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