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Community Collaboration

We have been grateful that our art have been showcased by various platforms. At artsybrownlady we believe that growth is never individual, our successes are just as much shared as our grief.

Gurvinder has been an active a participant in podcasts, was even featured in "Indian Link" one of Australia’s leading ethnic newspapers and in an international small business newsletter.

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Indian Link

Indian Link Media Group is now more than a voice for the community: it’s a vehicle for change and a voyage of discovery.Indian Link now has presence in all major capital cities of Australia with 72 editions printed in a year.


The Indian Link described us as :

 "A celebration of our rich skin colour", 

"Through her art, is a fierce advocate of intersectional feminism. It’s a critical concept, coined by Kimberle Crenshaw in 1989, that recognises a person’s social and political identities are a combination of numerous modes of discrimination and privilege"

Read the full article 

 Mental Health Podcasts

We have collaborated with coconut chats and Shore project Podcasts to share our lived experience and advocate for other young south asians to access therapy and highlight the value "creative therapy" brings to our mental health

You can listen to these:

Shore Project Podcast : Art, Acculturation,Cultural Awareness and Acceptance 

Coconut Chats : Facebook Videos

Heart Shape

Stories of Community Resilience

We were honoured for our story to be featured by 3ZZZ 'S Stories of Community Resilence


Mental health and creative therapy is an often ignored topic as it comes with a lot of stigma associated with itself.

We shared  who uses the medium of arts as therapy for mental health. Gurvinder is a South-Asian migrant woman working in the mental health sector for 2 years and uses her lived experience to inspire people to access mental health support.

Listen to her story here :

Using Arts of mental health 

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Spark : a south asian business initiative by @browngirlmag

Spark is a new monthly newsletter initiative started by @browngirlmag to give south asian business owners a platform to seen and supported by our communities.

We were lucky enough to be featured in their edition.

along side some brilliant women owned south asian businesses.

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