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Workshops and Activities

Gurvinder has been facilitating workshops since 2018 in various settings including, youth homelessnes refuges, community mental health rehabilitation and community development workshops with various neighbourhood houses

Clay pottery workshops

This workshop explores the therapeutic power of airdrying clay, focusing on the connection between art and emotional well-being. Participants will engage in calming exercises, experience the therapeutic benefits of clay, and explore their emotions and thoughts through creative expression. Facilitators will provide gentle guidance and support, creating a safe space for exploration. Participants will learn simple techniques to translate emotions into tangible forms, fostering empowerment and healing. The workshop is designed for individuals seeking holistic self-care and emotional wellness, and no artistic skill is required. The experience combines the therapeutic qualities of airdrying clay with the cathartic power of creative expression, allowing participants to unwind and connect with their inner self
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Art Therapy: Culture & Mental Health

Explore the intricate relationship between culture and mental well-being in our Art Therapy Workshop series. Through expressive art forms rooted in diverse cultural backgrounds, delve into personal narratives, healing rituals, and intersectional dialogues. Join us in this enriching exploration where art becomes a bridge to understanding, celebrating, and nurturing mental health within cultural diversity.
Through traditional art activities like  Diya painting, henna designing, Rangoli making , Jharokha art (mirror mosaic mandalas), Hand block printing workshop we explore our relationships with culture and the intense complexities that migration poses for us

Sustainable Art

"Crafting Beauty, Preserving Tomorrow: Sustainable Art for a Greener World"

My art has always been an extension of my beliefs and I'm believer of reduce, reuse and recycle"
Making that my mission I have designed 
an innovative art workshop where we transform ordinary drink bottles into stunning, eco-conscious vases!
Any eco-warriors can get ivolved and explore sustainable artistry, repurposing these everyday items into unique pieces of functional art. Learn techniques, discover design inspirations, and contribute to a greener world by giving new life to discarded materials. Join our workshop and craft beautiful vases while championing sustainability in art!"

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